Ephedrine / Ephedra generic (Hydrochloride) 15 mg

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Ephedrine / Ephedra generic (Hydrochloride) 15 mg

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Each bottle contains 50 pills.

Product Name: Generic Ephedrine

Name of active ingredient: Ephedrine

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Descrizione Prodotto

What is oral ephedrine?

Ephedrine directly stimulates alpha and beta-adrenergic receptors and increases the release of norepinephrine.

Its actions include relaxation of bronchioles, increased heart rate and contractility, and increased blood pressure.

It also causes blood vessels in the nasal passages to shrink (vasoconstrict). Vasoconstriction reduces nasal congestion by preventing fluid from draining from blood vessels into the lining of the nasal passages.

Ephedrine is also a central nervous system stimulant used illegally for weight loss and for performance enhancement diet supplements.